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Why Wyoming

America’s Leading ISR State

Nuclear Fuels Inc. has 3 Projects in Wyoming, Including our flagship Kaycee Project, and for good reason. Wyoming, an NRC agreement state with progressive permitting, is home to the largest ISR uranium resources of any state.

Wyoming is home to the largest known ISR uranium ore reserves in the United States

Wyoming, with over 250 million pounds of historic production, ranks as the leading uranium producing state; most of which has been through the ISR method since 1990 . Proven & prolific uranium producer since 1950’s. At least 10 ISR operations have produced tens of millions of pounds of U3O8.

The Powder River Basin: the backbone of Wyoming’s ISR uranium production

The Powder River Basin in Wyoming, home to our flagship Kaycee Project is known for its rich uranium deposits and its amenability to ISR uranium extraction.

Wyoming is an NRC Agreement State with a progressive, pro energy development government.

An agreement State (with Nuclear Regulatory Commission) provides for “one-window” streamlined permitting of new uranium projects, led by the state and with no NRC involvement, resulting in progressive and safe ISR uranium permitting.

"Wyoming is leading the way when it comes to revitalizing the nation’s nuclear fuel supply. There is no reason to buy it from Russia when we can produce it right here."

Senator Barrasso