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Advancing district-scale In-Situ Recovery amenable uranium projects towards production in the United States.

Nuclear Fuels Inc. (CSE:NF|OTCQX:NFUNF) is a uranium exploration company with a strategic relationship with enCore Energy Corp, advancing early-stage, district-scale In-Situ Recovery (“ISR”) amenable uranium projects towards production in the United States of America.

Leveraging extensive proprietary historical databases and deep industry expertise, Nuclear Fuels is well-positioned in a sector poised for significant and sustained growth on the back of strong government support for nuclear energy and uranium.

The Company’s strategic relationship with enCore Energy Corp., America’s Clean Energy Company™, offers a mutually beneficial “pathway to production,”with enCore owning an ~18% equity interest and retaining the right to back-in to 51% ownership in the flagship Kaycee Project in Wyoming’s prolific Powder River Basin.

Nuclear Fuels has consolidated the flagship Kaycee Project in Wyoming’s prolific Powder River Basin under single-company control for the first time since the early 1980s.  Currently executing its second drill program at the Kaycee Project, the Company aims to expand on historic resources across a 33-mile trend with over 110 miles of mapped roll-fronts defined by 3,800 drill holes.

U.S. uranium supply to commercial nuclear reactors (1950-2017)

Why Nuclear Energy in the United States?

Nuclear energy accounts for 20% of the United States’ total electricity and is the largest source of carbon-free electricity in the country. It is forecasted to grow considerably as the U.S. shifts away from burning fossil fuels.

Historically, the U.S. was almost self-sufficient in uranium production. Recent rebound in price, influenced by the need for national security and decarbonization strategies, has made domestically produced uranium essential and economically profitable again to fuel nuclear energy.

Strategically located in Wyoming

Our Priority Kaycee Project

Wyoming is an NRC Agreement State that has historically produced 215Mlbs of uranium through ISR, making it the leading nuclear fuel producing state in the nation while facilitating and accelerating permitting and licensing.

The Kaycee Project in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin (PRB) is the Company’s priority project, covering a 33 mile mineralized trend with over 110 miles of identified roll fronts and consists of more than 42 square miles of mineral rights. Under Nuclear Fuels Inc., this represents the first time since the early 1980’s that the entire district is controlled by one company.

“Wyoming is the energy bread basket of the nation. From coal, oil, natural gas to uranium, Wyoming has it”

Senator Barrasso

The Future is Already Here!

Focused On In-Situ Recovery Amenable Uranium Projects

In-Situ Recovery (ISR) is a minimally invasive, environmentally friendly, and economically competitive mineral extraction method that injects a water-based lixiviant solution into the ground to extract the uranium. ISR operates without the open pits, waste dumps, or tailings associated with conventional mining and milling, making extraction more environmentally responsible while also resulting in a faster and more cost-efficient permitting, development, and remediation process.

Our Projects

Flagship Kaycee Project

Wyoming’s Powder River Basin

Bootheel Project

Wyoming’s Shirley Basin

Moonshine Project


Other Projects

Moonshine, Lisbon


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