The Nuclear Cycle

Uranium, Nuclear Cycle, and ISR educational material

Uranium Demand: Nuclear Energy Requirements

Why Nuclear Now?

The only carbon-free & scalable source of energy available 24/7/365.

Nuclear energy is a viable and affordable energy source available domestically.

Nuclear energy is the largest source of carbon-free electricity in the United States and protects our air quality by generating electricity without other harmful pollutants.

Domestic resource reduces reliance on foreign producers amid an energy crisis.

What is In-Situ Recovery


Environmentally-responsible and economically superior uranium extraction

Rare Earth Elements: Growing Support


Canadian Tax Credits ​

Super Flow Through Tax Credits Program for exploration and development of rare earth element projects.

Permitting Fast Track ​

Commitments from the federal government to work to critical metals (including rare earth and uranium) project permitting.

Foreign Source Concerns ​​

Increasing demand reliant on foreign sources – US sources necessary as technological demands increase.